Founded in 2008 by Kay Cheong Teo (MBBS, Class of 2009), we are one of the youngest boat clubs in Hong Kong. In contrast to our University, the oldest university of Hong Kong, we share differences in age but share the same ideals of being the best and taking pride in doing so.

Our mission is to promote the sport of dragon boating to the university community and in general, as an international sport worthy of competing on the world stage.

Our core belief of “One Dragon, One Heart” “一條龍一條心。”
We believe in true friendship leading to true teamwork. We joined the team as an individual and at the finish line we finish as a team. We will never finish without each other, thus we co-exist with 19 other people beating as one. This is the true meaning of one boat, one heart.

Join the Best University Boat Team in Hong Kong.

If you’re interested in joining the University Team please feel free to email us:
hkudragonboat [at] gmail [dawt] com

香港大學學生會龍舟會是在國際和當地的比賽代表香港大學龍舟隊。想加入我們嗎?電郵至hkudragonboat [at] gmail [dawt] com 我們!