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Congratulations to Lee Shau Kee Hall, the 2014 HKU Champions!

By June 23, 2014Announcement
Lee Shau Kee Hall - HKU Invitational Races 2014


A warm and heartily congratulations to Lee Shau Kee Hall, this year’s HKU Invitational Race winners!

As a recap, this year’s podium winners are:

1st Place: Lee Shau Kee Hall 兆基龍 0.54.29
2nd Place: Morrison Hall 馬禮遜堂 0.55.31
3rd Place: Starr Dragons 施德龍 0.59.62

4th Place: Dragon In Da SKY team 國賢龍舟隊 0.59.72
5th Place: University Hall Dragon Boat Team 大學堂龍舟隊 1.00.00
6th Place: Wei Lun Dragon 偉倫龍 1.01.79
7th Place: Ricci Hall 勵志堂  1.00.53
8th Place: RC Lee Hall 利銘澤堂 1.09.34
9th Place: HKU Shun Hing College 香港大學信興學院  1.09.34
10th Place: Lee Hysan Hall 香港大學學生會利希慎堂 1.09.56
11th Place: Lee Chi Hung Hall 李志龍 1.12.00
12th Place: LHT 何東龍舟 1.13.97

This year had a record-breaking number of participants and teams, including three new teams from Lee Shau Kee Hall, S.K.Y. Lee Hall as well Shun Hing College.

Watch the winning race here:

Previous winners of the HKU Invitational Races:

2014: Lee Shau Kee Hall
2013: Morrison Hall
2012: Morrison Hall
2011: Starr Hall
2010: Starr Hall

A big thank you to all the participants and congratulations once again to Lee Shau Kee Hall! Best of luck in 2015!

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